The Artist!

Even though it wasn’t obvious early on, our oldest son was destined to be an artist.

You see, he was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when he was 3 ½ years old. We won’t be digressing back from here to “The Diagnosis”. Nope, we left that animal to die on the side of the road a long, long time ago. It was a good strategy for our family, a damn fine strategy.

But what we can do is “go there” to look between lines and around corners, back to his young childhood, back to the good days, when he was present with us – to uncover evidence of his emerging talent. The boy, who couldn’t yet speak, was drawing. The proportions were correct and the eyes had that little circle to highlight what direction light was coming from.

We didn’t see it then, but there he was, communicating in his own way through his artwork. Okay, it was not perfect, but it was purposeful, intentional and rational.

I can name his most precious work to me. It is my 1998 Mother’s Day card, drawn with long dangling legs and curly hair and I was SMILING. He drew me smiling. He SEES me as a smiley Mom. “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” was stamped on the inside very likely by his preschool aid. I’m keeping this card, deep in my heart, for the rest of my life.

To date “The Artist!” has painted enough pieces to fill closets. His abstracted style is in the likening of Picasso or Pollock. Within his craft he communicates through the titles he awards each colorful representation: We have yet to display the “Sadness of Memories”, “Tree of Knowledge”, “Squiggly Lines and Brain Cells”, or “Peace More”. The artist has an ongoing dialogue within his works of art (unseen to date) and he is eager to educate us all about what it’s like to be him.

There will eventually be an unveiling of his work – mark these words. For now, he’s preparing for college. That is correct, college. The beautiful little boy, who couldn’t speak has grown into a most remarkable young man. And this grown man eager to leave his finest thumbprint on this world. He is speaking to all humanity now, for himself and others that are still muted from the rest. He speaks loud and clear, in his own unique, personal way. Just listen……

~ Wendy Frye


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