Therapy is a daily event in our household living with our oldest son who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at an early age. We’ve learned to integrate strategies and processes that would mimic the same treatments he was receiving during his therapy sessions. Maximizing our costs for treatment.

Of course, we were his parents, who possess a certain deranged humor stemming from coping with daily battles that are unique to our family. Along the way, our son has developed his own brand of humor. He is simply hilarious, and he knows it. Welcome to “Autisms” – the things our kid has said to us and others – that describes the beautiful progress he has made on his own road to wellness.

“Picasso eats Sweaters” ~ in a sing song voice….
(This represents the battle of his two favorite abstract artists – with Picasso eating Jackson Pollocks trademark sweater, we can deduce the winner here.)

“I am NOT flexible! What do you think I am, a Slinky?”
(Relayed recently by his high school teacher who was warning a substitute teacher that our son really didn’t do well with subs and preferred to work on his own that day.)

“No More Rewinds!”
(Our plea to stop the maddening rewind feature of the oldest who had an insistent need to go over and over a single scene in a show we were watching.)

“Happy, Sad, or Mad?”
(Complete with facial gestures to determine where we were in any discussion.)

“Woody’s Hat”
(Anytime we are super frustrated we think of Woody’s Hat. In one 24 hour period we had to turn the house upside down 17 times to find our sons Toy Story Woody doll’s hat. Mind you, he was frantic which notched up the stress level CONSIDERABLY. I seriously hate that movie….

“Black or White?”
(Our sons differentiation between the grandparents. My mother has shock white hair, pale skin and an equally fair spouse. My husband’s Sicilian father always appears tan, year round. So, when explaining to the boys we are going to the grandparents, they always ask “Black or White?”)

And finally, and I quote “I am (son’s name) and I am an Artist!
(A young man getting ready to plant his flag on this world…..how cool is that?)

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand

~Wendy Frye


3 thoughts on ““Autisms”

  1. Why they didn’t put a cord on Woody’s hat to make sure it never got lost, is beyond me. This is also the bane of our existence, endless searching in multiple rooms for Woody’s hat…our son with Down syndrome goes bonkers when it’s lost. Someone needs to alert the manufacturer!

  2. I love his “autisms.” Each week I came home with some of my own. One of my favorites was,

    Me: “What are you thinkin’ Lincoln?”

    Him: “I am NOT Lincoln, I am _____ ____!”

    Oh, it was a horrible habit that I had, and said it quite often, it would tick him off to no end!

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