Awwww, Annie. I didn’t know, wasn’t thinking, and honestly didn’t realize how hard you would take it last night. You were so happy to see me, “Hooray! Mommy’s home! I can relax! Hello, hello, hello!!” Sniff….”??????”

But it’s true, his name is Earl. He and his buddy, Murphy, are such good boys. Their Mom, my friend who styles my hair, she’s a self-confessed animal hoarder Not true, but she does have her fair share of family pets. Healthy, happy mini-farm full with critters and pets. Rural paradise.

He’s a blond Annie – with big, sultry brown eyes. Not like your black ones – striking against your white, fluffy fur – alert with the goings on in your life. No, his eyes are of the wise man, the dog who patrols the house, checks on his Mom from time to time to get a kind word, belly pet and meet her guests. Remind you of anyone?

His sidekick, he’s the skittish one. But together? They are so huggable, lovable and sweet – what was I to do? Pals, like you and the Lillster. Other people need pets too, big girl. And the kitty? Contrary to any other I’ve met – this one actively sought out my lap to be crooned and groomed.

You were instantly (intensely) curious about the blend of scents I brought back with me last night. Into YOUR home no less, how could I? It didn’t take your sniffer very long to process the subtle nuances – right before I saw you slump. Absolutely crushed. Totally betrayed that one of your own people, the one you battle with for the Alpha slot everyday, betrayed you, Lilly, and your boys.

I didn’t know, Annie. But, you are the responsible one of our pair of pups. Last night you took it upon yourself to be the brave one, slept in the closet with my pants, the clothing tainted by the stench of potential intruders to your life, threatening you enough, prompting your family clan to act like the eldest son of lore. You needed to protect your family.

Had to have been a rough night for you, tossing and turning. I pray you found a few minutes of rest, my dear. It’s true, you never EVER know, those trousers could have jumped on the bed at any minute and taken your spot by Daddy. The stress, it had to have been monumental.

Please, don’t tell Lilly, but you are our favorite. Must be the first child thing….we have made every mistake, blundered every training, given every treat, to ultimately screw you up the most. It’s not intentional girl – but destiny. We love The Lilly, too…don’t fret – but didn’t you notice something? She didn’t really care about Earl. No, it was about her and her chest pets last night.

The slacks have been removed from the closet, washed, rinsed, dried, ironed and put away. That’s your youngest charge, always protective of his girls and their feelings.

And the next time I see Earl? That date is set for 7 weeks from today, when my friend will again brighten my hair to make me presentable to the outside world. Earl will be there, kitty and Murphy, too.

You’ll be fine, my little Antoinette. I’ll give Earl, Murphy and the cat some pets that night. You will recognize the scents later, and remember – my pants didn’t take your throat, they were subdued in the closet. You will be just fine. Are you listening to me girl? Hey, are you shaping that bone into a shank? That’s pretty sharp over there, “Honey!”, where did the dog find that bone? Annie come! Annie sit! Annie, listen to me, don’t run away from me….ANNIE!?!

She’s The Annie, Annie Bannanie, and she completes us. ~ Wendy Frye

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras


One thought on “Earl

  1. LOVED IT WENDY !!!!!! You have a true gift in writing. Hope last night was a little easier for Annie, knowing Earl is not your true love as she is, just a little fling……

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