When the Maker waved his hand over the soul seed of our youngest son, he must have been in a very peculiar mood. Within the universal, infinite wisdom given in the first breath of his life, our second born son has proved to be the balance between our whole family.

In my minds eye, that first moment between Him and our youngest went a little like this:

“You will have infinite potential to love, build relationships and forge new paths of living. Be sure to take every imaginable tool, trinket, or other necessary item with you – prior to any adventure, always require your family to visit the local hardware store for adequate supplies.”

“You will have a great thirst for knowledge and curiosity for intellectual arts. It will be best that you ask at least 17 questions on each and every topic under the glorious sun of my creation to maximize your learning. Repeat this quest several times daily, your parents will be your best resource.”

“You will seek comfort in familial surroundings with your loved ones. Eventually, you will find your true love compass and build your next life with a partner. Until that time – fling every article of clothing, wet towel and soda cans around your room. Mix daily with a dose of Axe deodorant, body spray and a bowie knife. Your Mother will be reassured of your presence in the home.”

“You will posses great curiosity. You will always explore alternative solutions to problems and note every potential outcome with great care. In your pursuits, be sure to examine, explore, empty, or use GPS tracking on every personal item owned by every other family member. It is important that you can locate these items, keep inventory and every once in awhile, move something – just to keep that sense of suspense alive in your father.”

“You will be the first to try, the first to contribute to the conversation, and the first to champion new ideas and concepts that arise. Tear apart the vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens, and your bicycle – just to see how they work. Stay on top of all the technology in the household – out wit your parents at every turn. Seek their knowledge and enhance their lives with your thoughts, add to the conversation….every time.”

“Be the guy who has to rip open every shopping bag the instant it hits the front door. Dominate the remote control, equalize the chores between you and your Autistic brother – “because he doesn’t get off without helping around here.”

“You will be fascinated with fire. The randomness of the flame will entice thoughts of the endless possibilities of quantum physics. Your parents will reward this with annual fireworks for the 4th of July. Sort the items, list out the schedule, light the match – “Fire in the Hole!”

“You will know great love in this lifetime, forge deep friendships, will learn and teach others to be the best version of themselves, this I promise.” “And above all else, you will enrich the lives of all you meet – the very definition of polite you will be.”

“Your road won’t be the easiest, nor would you really want it to be. The character of your soul will help you pass the tests given you by having a disabled brother.” “Tread well younger son…..your parents, brother and the others in your life are already so very proud of you.”

Love to our study souled son, the younger one who makes us laugh out loud, every single day. ~ Wendy Frye

“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.”


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