Bulls Run


This link, this tiny scrap of space stored on the mighty, mighty internet has been viewed over 3 and 1/2 million times since being posted last month.

It’s just a Dad, who needed to understand his son. You see, the beat of his heart is his son with Autism. His boy had been returning from school agitated, sad, depressed and not himself. Dad wired his son, sent him to school, to later hear himself how his boy spent his day. It was a way to shine a light on the mystery of his son’s situation. His son is not verbal enough to tell his own story with the words to garner his fathers help with being bullied.

My husband is a professional educator. Our son is Autistic. We watched the video this morning and are sickened for this Dad. While bullying happens in schools all over the world – this situation is especially heinous. We have been blessed with mostly excellent educators over the years. There have been some mean kids who infiltrated our son’s life, but as we say, “Can’t fix mean, rude or (insert your own).”

Watch the video if you haven’t yet. It’s not super complicated. Bullying never really is.

Now, move past this special education room to open up your own personal review on bullying. Reflect now, are you guilty of intentionally being a jerk? Did you make someone feel bad on purpose today? Have you mis-represented or given false information to intentionally trip someone up? Are you lying to yourself about this? Are you concealing your true self to ride on the coat-tails of someone else’s power trip? Did you intend to make someone’s day awful? Really, do you think it’s okay to blackball someone? The powers you wield, are you using it for the greater good? When you are kind or nice, is it really a game to get what you need from them to later screw them out of whatever it was you got out of them? Do you feel sick sometimes recalling your behavior with or against another person? Have you stripped someone of the tools they need to be successful at work or in life? Do you only find identity within the mob? Do you know what mobbing is? Are you making someone sick with the stress of having to deal with you? Are you showing physical signs of stress yourself for being such a person? Did you have to make them cry? Seriously, why do you act this way?

Or….. did you help your neighbor, friend, family member, co-worker or a stranger without solicitation? Did you give an intentional compliment and sincerely mean it today? Did you harbor warm feelings when you smiled at your co-worker or family member this morning? Can you honestly say “Thank you” and mean it? Do you reflexively stay positive? Do you expect the best from everyone and get it? Can you count more than 5 true friends in your life, that also includes your family? Are you nice because it matters? Are you the light on a dark day? Do you support others as much as they support you? Do you have to ask people to change or do you demonstrate the way? Do you lead by serving? Are you happy with yourself, your life and the people who populate your world?

Take inventory, does anyone in your household come home feeling bad from work or school? Have you or anyone you know had drastic personality changes – or show signs of depression or stress sickness recently? Talk about it, be open, listen to them and support the change needed to stop the madness of being bullied, mis-treated or abused. Don’t be tolerant – if you know it’s happening to someone around you, don’t join in, speak up and speak out against bullying.

Again, life is only a matter of our own perceptions. Perceive a life without bullies. ~ Wendy Frye

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.


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