“I’m going grocery shopping, do you need more of your usual?” I asked my 17 year old son. “Oh GOD, no!”. My head snapped around, fast, eyes laser focused and left brow higher than Mr. Spock.

It all started the other day. A book came out of his backpack. An alternative guide to prescription medicine. It was four years new, checked out only one other time. I stopped breathing for a minute as he opened it up. Reading to me he decided to change a few things and manage his health a little differently.

Trying not to fall 6 feet to the floor, I stumbled into the kitchen. “So, what are you thinking?” He’s thinking, I can tell. This is my son who is a deep reader, deeper thinker who possesses more than a few brain cells to make thoughtful conclusions on most subjects sans his nutrient intake.

See, his older brother diagnosed on the autism spectrum almost 16 years ago, has been a constant recipient of biomedical interventions to improve his health and further his development. Vaccine injured, immune system blown, morbid allergy presentation – oh ya, it was an odyssey for all of us.

Despite the controversial spectacle in his own home, younger son controlled his world by rejecting any and all advice from his parents. He had control, we came to realize this. Dining on chicken nuggets and frozen fries, every day, 365 days, year over year – lets just say his health deteriorated.

He was past exhausted. Emaciated, with chronic heartburn, and assorted other symptoms – I insisted, he relented, and it was off to my integrative medical specialist. His tests showed something really wrong. Prescriptions, specialists, procedures and a really big hospital bill later proved to the young intellectual, unequivocally that he needed to change is evil ways.

He, not me, his father or brother – even the Bichons, who happen to eat better than he does, could change his thinking. Our son just needed to purchase the car to drive in his own change.

This morning, after coming downstairs, my super snazzy teal coffee pot I recently purchased was full of brewed green tea. Imported from the middle of China herself. Delicious! The counter was littered with yogurt cups, supplement bottles and a juice glass from breakfast.

“Mom.” “I read that the magnesium spray you make really can help me assimilate……….”

Welcome to the table my son. ~ Wendy Frye

“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.” ~ Jonathan Swift