Tonight, a “Super” Full Moon will be visible in the evening sky – its closest pass to earth this year.  With the illumination of the full moon follows pop legends, superstitions and lore.  Hospital Emergency Rooms fill with mothers about to deliver their babies. Tides grow high.  Humans (and non-humans) have long remarked of bizarre and mysterious behaviors during this time.  In fact, the term Lunacy is literally taken from ” Lunar “, meaning moon!  

With Autism in the home, the full moon effect goes on steroids. A fiery combination of the unpredictible nature of both the lunar pull and a linear thought process.  Urban legends are growing around this phenom.  Frantic to fantastic – suffice to say there is just something peculiar around this monthly event.


As the very moon rose up this morning, the favorite PC terminal of our ASD son, has served up it’s last You-tube video.  While he won’t exactly tell us just WHAT he was looking up, it obviously was of questionable genre (and his refrain is a choice!).  “But yes, son.  That blue screen is not good.”

The outdated gaming tower was old and trusty for him.  Purchased so long ago – it really was a trainer computer.  Since about the age of 5 he’s nimbly surfed the web, adjusting the parental controls to his liking.  Today, on the eve of moon rise, he’s gone into complete mourning – wearing the black standard for a heightened effect.

So now its finally time.  In the office, where the PC lays in wake, sitting right behind is the real beauty in the room.  His very own Mac, you know, the big screened goddess of technological mayhem. A decadent but well deserved graduation gift to himself – a system he can use to create his own brand of digital art.  He’s only broken out the animation pad a heavy handful of times….continuing to maintain his long term relationship with the clunky PC. 

“I KILLED IT!”  he exclaimed.  “It had a soft landing, don’t get worked up.” his Dad replies.  “What do you mean “SOFT LANDING” DAD?, I didn’t THROW IT!!!” (Oh shit, this is going to get litteral now…..)

I called home from work and talked to him.  The sadness dripping from his voice.  “I killed it, Mom.”  “Don’t worry, you didn’t kill it.  It was old.  It was it’s time.”  “Besides, you can use your Mac now.”

“Mom?” – he asked. “Ya, I’m here.”  “Uh, the dog pooped in the house and the ice maker broke.  Jon broke the window with a GOLF ball and Dad got angry. When you coming home?”

(All this before 10:30 in the morning.)

“How about tomorrow?” I laughed.  “WHAT!!!” he screeched.

…..snicker….. ~ Wendy Frye

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”  ~ e.e. cummings