My youngest son, a devout wise-ass, knows all and speaks detail brilliantly. No wonder his advanced placement history teacher asked him to participate in the high school “Knowledge Bowl”. He’s the history ringer.

He’s self motivated and has studied the minutiae of any and all subjects that strike his fancy. Never a conformist and always the quickest wit in the room. Just another mountain of understanding for his Autism Parents to climb. His older brother by two years diagnosed so many years ago…..

Must have been a whim, dressing up the morning of Halloween, quietly with only himself for company that morning. He gives himself about 20 minutes to prepare for the day: eating a bite of breakfast, cruising the paper for details, checking the weather report and grabbing his 200 pound backpack for the morning bike ride.

The morning text from my young genius son: Mom, need lunch money and can you bring my belt too? I dressed up as a Mormon Missionary and forgot it. My reply: What?!? No, really? You DID NOT!

At least 45% of his jumbo sized high school is LDS, aka Latter Day Saints, or Mormon if you like. So, his costume choice, a Missionary no less, could possibly render him expelled by the end of the day. But no, according the my son he was well received. Upon arriving to his zero hour class, overseen by the drama teacher, he was recognized. “You need a nametag.” spouted his observer – who himself was dressed as a Catholic Cardinal. Black duct tape on his left breast, Book of Mormon under his right arm , white shirt and black tie….only piece missing was the side part in his uncooperative hairline.

He struck many a pose for pictures that day, for Facebook no doubt. The LDS kids laughed with him, told him he looked great and asked him to join in Seminary sometime. He relayed a few family nuggets of Mormon lineage that “blew their minds”. After all they are his friends. By nature he is not judgmental, and with his unfeigned sincerity he trumped any possible insult to half the school populous.

I managed the lunch money and purposefully forgot the belt. Upon his arrival home, I just HAD to let him know, that even though his odds of being beat up were pretty slim, he now has 1200 classmates praying for his immortal soul. Him? Speechless.

God love you son. ~ Wendy

“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.” Saint Augustine