About the Author

Of all the personal or professional achievements to date – I am most proud to say I am the mother of two beautiful sons. My eldest was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum years ago. My youngest is a sturdy  and socially compassionate young man. As a family, we’ve worked, played and learned together in, around, over and under “Autism”.

I strive, both professionally and personally, to help others reduce their own perceptions of limitations – regardless of their situation.

Wendy Frye, The Author, lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, sons and two little white dogs.

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Wendy-
    My name is Kara Hume and I am researcher at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (http://www.fpg.unc.edu/node/727) working on a large project to develop and study a comprehensive model of intervention for high school students on the autism spectrum. I cam across the photo of your son at his high school graduation on google images- where he has an amazing smile and is surrounded by two of his buddies (http://www.ageofautism.com/2012/08/juggling-the-astronaut-autism-into-adulthood.html). We are getting ready to launch our website and one feature is to gather success stories from families, adolescents with ASD, high school staff, etc. about the high school experience (we know how challenging it can be for all, so we also want to better understand what helps/makes the experiences more positive). We wondered if we could use that photo on our website. We can credit it (or not if you would prefer your son to remain nameless), whichever you prefer. More information about our project can be found here, we are funded by the Department of Education:http://ies.ed.gov/funding/grantsearch/details.asp?ID=1334 Would love to touch base with you- e-mail is kara.hume@unc.edu Thanks so much & congrats to your son.

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