The Trip

My Aunt called me. It had been 20 years. She called me and we spoke for a couple of hours, plus. A beautiful conversation, the kind that defined family – A family in which I dream to know. Visiting them, one time, a long, long time ago….in wilds of Oregon where they owned property. I ate their apple pancakes and played in the treehouse amongst the frogs and toads…..

My dreams, the simple dreams of a new Mother, verified by our “life architect” for a Father. A Mother with two sons, one being healthy and viable to todays standards, another diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Are these typical dreams? No such thing. So sorry, not today. Now, or well….ever. With only 50 percent of our children enjoying good health, please, don’t be surprised.

In the day when we received a diagnosis, the old studies on Autism correlated engineering genius with late talking children. My eldest dutifully verifies this “research”. His grandmother a scientist, grandfather previously an engineer with the Boeing Corporation, plus multiple bonus points for his great-uncle, the true born renown rocket-scientist who worked with, and for NASA.

After our eldest was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, moderately affected, normal “dreams” and “typical” rules were ditched. We were now carving out a NEW normal for our family and emerging adult son on the spectrum, that includes all other families in the same circumstances.

Henceforth “The Astronaut Analogy” aka my son, James Frye, diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum so many years ago.

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~ Wendy Frye

“…And these children
that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
are immune to your consultations.
They’re quite aware
of what they’re going through…”
― David Bowie